The Art of Deliberate Success®


Learn the 10 Behaviours of Successful People.

The course – which is very practical – teaches “the secrets” of people who are highly productive and get results.  If you are a busy person, The Art of Deliberate Success® will show you how to:

  • Identify those things that matter most
  • Get more done in less time
  • Beat stress and become more resilient

To ensure your learning translates to results, the course fee includes 1-hour of private coaching following the course (valued at $350).  You also get 2 high-value resource books and website access to powerful tools and templates.

In Western Australia, the course is facilitated (and coached) by Jane Bushby who is a highly skilled trainer and member of the International Coach Federation.

The Art of Deliberate Success® (TADS) has been attended by thousands of people and is consistently highly rated by participants.  Many have said it has been “life-changing” and provided them with a solid framework of tools and techniques that can be used in your professional and personal life. To know more, visit

Who Should Attend:

The Art of Deliberate Success® is suitable for anybody wanting to develop a successful and productive life. The workshop will help:

  • Employees and team groups.
  • New employees, first-time managers and emerging talent.
  • Workers in management development and leadership programmes.
  • Managers, professionals and specialist staff.
  • Small business owners and sales professionals.

Typically attendees are:

  • Interested in achieving their full potential in all aspects of their lives.
  • People who have too much to do in the time available.
  • Professionals who are early to mid-career and want to get to the next level.
  • Senior professionals who are looking ahead or at a transition phase of some kind.
  • Individuals who want to achieve better work/life integration. 


Learning Objectives

The course is built on the unique TADS framework which lays out the 10 behaviours of successful people in an easy-to-understand way.  On course completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Know what success really means to you
  • Balance your professional and personal life
  • Work less, but achieve more 
  • Improve your productivity
  • Be a better team player
  • Use some great tools to achieve big things
  • Dramatically reduce unwanted stress in your life

Two weeks following the course you get a one-hour private coaching session.  The purpose of the coaching is to review what has been learned, to customise ideas to particular circumstances, and to chart your action plan for the future. Course outline:

Course Outline

The course is designed to give you a framework and specific tools and techniques to help you focus on the 10 key aspects of living a successful professional and personal life. We explore:

1 Decide: What's important

  • What are your underlying values?
  • What is truly important to you?
  • What is not important to you?

2 Eliminate: Focussing on the important

  • Declutter your life
  • Review your "stuff" and your network of associates
  • Reduce complexity

3 Language: Your internal soundtrack

  • Develop and listen to your inner voice
  • Use deliberate language
  • Create and deliver positive messaging for yourself and others

4 Information: Managing inward and outward flows

  • Identify your unique way of handling and managing information
  • Know when to use which information tools
  • Strategies to avoid information overload

5 Beliefs: Guiding your behaviour

  • Recognise your unique beliefs

6 Energy: Synchronising your body and mind

  • Recognise your unique energy cycle
  • Plan to manage your energy levels
  • Techniques of energy management

7 Responsibility: Accepting and taking ownership

  • Harness the power of choice
  • Cultivate ways of syaing "no"
  • Put personal responsibility to practice

8 Action: Getting work done

  • Stay focussed on the immediate take
  • Overcome procrastination of yours and others
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of multi-tasking 

9 Time: Setting and executing priorities

  • Identify your priorities and your team's
  • Common time-traps and time-wasters to look out for
  • Being flexible while staying on track

10 Evaluating: Managing your overall performance



This course requires no previous training or experience


Course fees include:

  • Access to TADS licenced materials
  • Comprehensive bound course workbook
  • The Art of Deliberate Success® book – special limited hardcover edition with bookmark
  • On Managing Yourself - a Harvard Business School book
  • Access code for TADS web tools and resourcesOne-hour of individual coaching 2 weeks following the course

Course Format

This is a two-day interactive course followed by a one hour individual coaching session two weeks later with a qualified coach. The coaching session allows you to try out some new ideas and discuss your experiences in a supportive way.

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Course Information


  • Interactive, practical and hands on learning
  • Small groups for maximum impact
  • Take home resource workbook
  • Post course Coach Line
  • Post course follow up
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Delicious cafe lunch

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