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3 Key Elements to Creating a Learning Culture.

Posted by Kathy Rogers | Learning & Development Consultant on 20 June 2019


Learning is something that many of us take for granted, and yet in today’s society it has become more important than ever. With a strong focus on learning, work environments become a thriving buzz of activity. Learning can increase staff retention and ultimately lead to an increased customer base with longevity.


3 key Elements to Creating a Learning CultureIf you have a team around you who want a boost of learning to propel them to the next level, or you realise that learning hasn’t been a strong focus for you recently, now is the time to do something about it.


Learning opportunities are happening every day whether you notice them or not. Successful leaders don’t treat learning as an event to be scheduled, but more a resource to be utilised.



Here are 3 key elements you can implement to create a learning culture in your organisation.


1. Train your managers on how to coach. Coaching employees by asking questions naturally builds their competence and confidence to learn. When they ask questions regarding a task or activity, take the time to have an open conversation with them. Allow their curiosity to grow. This helps employees learn and take ownership for the work they do.

Managers can maximise learning of staff who attend training by having a conversation before and after with agreed learning outcomes and what learning they will action.  Many times, people turn up to a training course unsure why they are there.   Don’t make this mistake as it is a missed opportunity.


2. Keep up with the rapid changes in technology. Technology now drives a need for employees to be retrained regularly on new software, or internal process. On-demand learning lets employees incorporate learning quickly into their daily routines, saving time and money for the organisation. Utilise the talents you already have inside your organisation. This can be done through a buddy system, where employees learn and share from each other.


3. Cultivate self-leadership and emotional intelligence. Learning is not just for technology and “hard” skills. Key “human” skills like leadership, self-control, empathy, communication, conflict resolution and cultural competence can be learned. And they drive measurable benefits throughout an organisation. Look internally for the mixes of culture within your business. Learning from each other and growing empathy, in-turn builds a more emotionally intelligent workforce.


Embracing the learning opportunities that are available to you will allow employees to have the potential to drive your organisation forward. If you create a culture of learning, you'll reap the many benefits that learning provides and sets you up for success.

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