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3 simple ways to improve employee performance


Posted by Kathy Rogers | Learning & Development Consultant on 30 April 2019



Employee Performance 2Great leaders want to ensure their teams are thriving and achieving their goals. So what happens when team performance slips below expectation? How can we improve individual performance and get things back on track?



Here are 3 simple ways to get your team engaged, motivated and satisfied with their work.




1- Personalise Tasks


A few weeks ago we published a blog titled “Empowering Others To Be OAR-some” which talks about motivation and ownership of tasks. When a task is personalised towards the person completing it, the task naturally becomes more enjoyable. Personalising means to design or produce a task in their own way.  If you can’t personalise the particular task, allow their approach to completing it to be personalised. Providing the opportunity for the team member to choose how they want to complete the task will empower them, and naturally increase their work performance.


2- Set clear goals


As a leader it’s important to set clear SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals so everyone is aware of what’s going on. Let your team members know what you expect of them, how much support you are going to provide and what the desired outcome is. Where possible, also provide the impact of the task once achieved. For example: by completing this advertising campaign we will increase sales for the next quarter and ultimately exceed our end of year growth targets. Giving your team awareness of what impact they have on the broader and more strategic goals, provides a sense of purpose. This in turn will increase performance by knowing that their daily contribution matters long term.


3- Reward and recognition


This can be a prickly issue, as most of the time when we hear the word “reward” in the workplace we think of gifts, prizes or monetary items. Feeling motivated runs deeper than extrinsic items. While gifts are nice to receive, they don’t tend to drive work improvements, at least not in the long term. Consider rewarding and recognising teams using an intrinsic approach. Giving praise to individuals who do well, providing a recommendation for promotion and simply saying “thank you, I appreciate all your hard work” can really improve workplace morale and drive up team performance.


In addition to these 3 simple, effective ways to boost employee performance we discuss tools and practical methods to motivating team in our Leading People & Performance workshop. Click to find out more.




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