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Mindfulness At Work

Posted by Kathi Rogers | Learning & Development Consultant on 8 August 2019.

Mindfulness With the working world running at high speed, mindfulness has become an important part of our toolkits. Focusing our attention on what is instead of being distracted by what isn't - is a powerful antidote to stress in our busy lives. This can be done anywhere and can be a very effective self-care method.

So, what does it mean to be mindful?

Mindfulness is about being present, aware of your current state and what is going on around you. Allowing your thoughts and feelings to come and go without judgement. Being mindful provides an anchor for you to refocus in times of stress or anxiety.

How do we become more mindful?

From the book entitled “Mindfulness at Work” by Stephen McKenzie, there are 7 specific and important techniques we can apply to increase our mindfulness.

  • Begin all work in stillness – rather than jumping from task to task, always seeming in a hurry, give your mind the clarity it needs. Being still before starting a task brings inner calmness to your mind and focus to what you’re about to undertake.
  • Separate your work with pauses – without pauses all work can seem to blend into one long day. Give yourself a moment to break with a pause between tasks. Grab a cup of tea, go for a walk, listen to a song, whatever you need to help separate your tasks.
  • Work until your work is finished – It is easy to put things off for another time, or become distracted with other things. Stay focused on your work by getting the task done before starting another.
  • Meet your working need – really listen to the people who you are working for or working with. Try not to be distracted by tasks that pique your interest. Stay connected enough to do the work that needs to be done.
  • Allow others to do their work – at work try not being all things to all people. Let go of responsibilities that belong to others. Focus on your own work and the part that plays to the overall team success. Allow others to do their job. This can be a powerful tool in building workplace awareness.
  • Focus on where your work is taking place - Allow your mind to focus on every aspect of your work. How the keys on the laptop feel under your fingers, how the words jump off the page or how the phone feels next to your ear. Giving your full attention to your work can lead to a surprising amount of new dimensions to satisfy your day.
  • Let your work flow – focusing heavily on the results, rather than the process can make our work seem harder. Enjoy the process of completing tasks and the results will naturally follow.


Use mindfulness as a tool to help anchor you in times of stress or feeling overwhelmed. Simply paying attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity can provide so many rewards in the workplace.


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