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Tips for juggling multiple rolesMultiple Roles

Posted by Kathi Rogers | Learning & Development Consultant on 21 November 2019.

Have you found yourself juggling multiple roles? This might be in the workplace as part of your career choice, or maybe it’s at home in your family life.  With each role, comes different responsibilities. We do our best to be perfect at all we set out to achieve. With so much going on whether it be at home or work, things can sometimes lead to disappointment. So where do we find the joy and comfortable balance to managing multiple roles?  

Consider now all the roles you have…. Leader, manager, team member, team leader, consultant, peer, Mum, Dad, wife, husband, partner, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, volunteer…. The list goes on. Just don’t forget to include “me” in that list, you are your own person, responsible for you.

Managing all these roles can lead to role conflict and time pressures that add to daily stress. Soon we can find ourselves stealing time from one role to pay for other. Before we know it there are multiple I.O.U’s everywhere!

So, what can we do about it? Here’s our top tips: 

Consider what do you want to achieve from each role:

With everything you do, be clear on what the purpose is. What results do you want? What motivates you in each role? How does each role fit with your values? Managing so much every day, trade-offs are inevitable. So when they occur, make your decision consciously. 

When conflicts occur prioritise what’s most important:

Knowing your purpose will help you to decide what is most important in that moment. Writing things down can be helpful or taking a moment away from distractions to think. Letting someone know you’ll call them back in 5 minutes to give you time to consider options. Understanding our own values around the roles, can make these choices easier and more deliberate.

Expectations levels don’t have to be at perfection level:

When managing multiple roles and wanting things to work out faultlessly, we can feel let down when they don’t. For example, as a manager you might plan your day out each morning. Then something detours you away from your plan. At the end of the day you still have a couple of tasks left on your to-do-list. Your day didn’t work out “perfectly”. Don’t be hard on yourself, you did your best. Rather than stealing time from another role, find ways of doing those tasks tomorrow or delegating them to others.

Be present when you’re in each role:

Managing multiple tasks can mean our brains are running at a thousand kms an hour. Be in the moment when you’re operating in each role. So, for example, when in a manager role at work, give your full attention to your team. When you step through the door at home, leave the manager role behind. Be the best partner, spouse, housemate or version of you, you can be.

Know what re-charges you:

With managing so much you can quickly lose yourself to the needs of others. When your energy runs low, lean into the tasks that helps you re-charge. That could be some time outside in the sunshine, listening to music, time at the gym or being with friends/family.


Overall, we need to manage each of our roles based on our personal motivation, energy, resources, and expectations. Build up a set of coping mechanisms, such as resetting expectations, relying on others for support and not engaging in negative self-talk.  Regularly assess how things are going and what changes need to be made to be more effective.

As someone recently told me, “The trick to juggling is determining which balls are made of rubber and which ones are made of glass.”


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