Certificate IV in Project Management Practice in Perth

BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

ATI-Mirage RTO Provider Code 1918


In Perth, the Certificate IV in Project Management Practice qualification reflects the role of individuals who identify and apply project management skills and knowledge in a wide variety of contexts. 

Participants of this course in Perth may be members of a project team, but might not hold direct responsibility for the overall project outcomes. They support project operations in one or more roles and under direction, may also use project tools and methodologies selectively to support organisational or business activities. Our Perth training instructors will offer a well-rounded understanding of project management principles in line with this course. 

To enquire or enrol for a Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, please get in touch with ATI-Mirage on 08 9218 9059 or email hello@ati-mirage.com.au. 

Course Content
(9 Units: 3 Core + 6 Electives)

Core Units

BSBPMG409 - Apply project scope management techniques 

  • Contribute to defining project scope
  • Apply project scope controls
  • Contribute to review of scope controls

BSBPMG410 - Apply project time management techniques

  • Assist in developing a project schedule
  • Maintaining a project schedule
  • Participate in assessing time-management outcomes

BSBPMG411 - Apply project quality management techniques

  • Contribute to project quality planning
  • Apply quality policies and procedures
  • Contribute to project continuous improvement process



BSBPMG412 - Apply project cost management techniques 

  • Assist in developing the project budget
  • Monitor project costs
  • Contribute to cost-finalisation process

BSBPMG413 - Apply project Human Resources management approaches

  • Assist in determining human resource requirements
  • Contribute to establishing and maintaining productive team relationships
  • Assist with human resource monitoring
  • Contribute to evaluating human resource practices

BSBPMG414 - Apply project information management and communications techniques

  • Contribute to communications planning
  • Conduct information-management activities
  • Communicate project information
  • Contribute to assessing effectiveness of communication


BSBPMG417 - Apply project life cycle management processes

  • Assist in establishing project
  • Support project planning and design processes
  • Assist with project control and execution
  • Assist with project finalisation

BSBPMG415 -  Apply project risk management techniques

  • Assist with risk analysis and planning
  • Perform risk-control activities
  • Contribute to assessing risk-management outcomes

BSBPMG418  -  Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques

  • Assist in identifying and addressing stakeholder interests
  • Actively participate in stakeholder engagement
  • Assist stakeholder communications


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate scope management techniques
  • Demonstrate successful application of time management tools and techniques
  • Contribute to quality outcomes for projects
  • Monitor project budgets in accordance with allocated provisions
  • Contribute to project personnel selection and monitor how performance is achieved
  • Contribute to a communication plan which uses a range of communication techniques
  • Support project planning and design
  • Perform risk control activities
  • Assist with procurement and contracting processes for a project


$3000 GST free per person
($1500 Deposit and balance on commencement)

Learning and assessment - 6 days face-to-face delivery session covered in 2 modules


  • Experienced facilitator
  • Highly interactive and practical modular training program
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Assessment
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Post program follow up


  • Individual research and study
  • Workplace learning
  • Workshop activities
  • Project assignments
  • Individual assessment activities 


Nationally Recognised Training


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13 May 2019 (3.0 Days)
12 August 2019 (3.0 Days)