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Bouncing back from redundancy                 

Posted by Kathi Rogers | Learning & Development Consultant on 5 June 2020.
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With Covid-19 continuing to impact the economy many of us have been stood down from our positions. Maybe you had hoped life would go back to normal after a few weeks of isolation. WA seems to be fairing pretty well compared to other parts of the world. Yet you’ve just received the awful news: effective today, your job is no longer viable. Redundancy becomes a new challenge for you to tackle.

Knowing you’re not alone in this can be helpful, but doesn't really make you feel any better. Your mind tells you to search for new jobs straight away, but your body won't move.


Here are some tips for boosting your resiliency to help get your mind and body working together.


Understand redundancy is very different to being sacked.

You didn’t do anything wrong. The company you worked for needed to make some changes. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to analyse why your role was cut instead of others. Thinking about it won’t help you to understand the logic. You weren’t sacked, your role just isn’t needed right now. Focus on this fact to help you move forward.

Take time to reflect on what you want.

Redundancy can seem like a terrible event in anyone’s career. Looking at this from a different perspective could provide new opportunities you never had the chance to take before. Maybe it’s time to move and explore a different city? Is now is a great time to study and reinvent your career? Or maybe you just want to take a career break and spend time with family and friends, giving you time to yourself.

Create your own plan. 

When you are ready to pick up the pieces and move forward, put together a plan for your job hunt. Include every step you will take to get back on track. Ensure to put in deadlines to keep yourself accountable. Make your plan visually appealing and hang it somewhere so you’ll see daily. Mark off when you’ve achieved each step or met each deadline. On days when you are feeling down, you will be surprised by how far you have actually come!


Who knows? You could be looking back a year from now and thank your former employer for letting you go. You have just bounce back into a new job that is even better than the one you left.


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