Work Health and Safety Training in Perth

At ATI-Mirage, we have specialist Work Health and Safety (WHS) trainers delivering our range of WHS courses in our Perth CBD training centre, or we can come to your location.

Our WHS training emphasises practicality and real-world application, employing examples and hands-on learning in small groups to optimise the learning experience. Acquire the confidence, skills, and essential knowledge you need to address WHS issues in your workplace.

Our 5 day Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) Training is accredited by the Work Health & Safety Commission in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act (WA) 2020. This comprehensive course covers relevant sections of the WA Work Health & Safety legislation. Additionally, we provide the one day HSR Refresher training course which is designed to refresh the knowledge and skills that HSRs gained from their initial 5 day course.

ATI-Mirage also offers the Statutory Supervisor Course which is an in-depth 3-day program designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively fulfil the role of a Statutory Supervisor in compliance with Western Australian WHS (Mine) Regulations 2022. And we have a course carefully designed to help you successfully prepare you for the DEMIRS exam.

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