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Listening as a superpower

Posted by Wendy Wilson | Learning & Development Consultant on 28 June 2018




How well do you listen?   Sometimes we think we listen well, yet Dr Stephen Covey famously said, “We listen with the intent to reply, rather than intent to understand.”


Poor listening can lead to conflicts, mis-understandings and assumptions to name a few. When someone feels heard and acknowledged, they can also feel respected and validated.  This sets the tone for open conversations, with effective negotiation and problem solving.  



The 4 Elements of your listening superpower 


The Chinese characters that make up the verb “to listen” are made up of four distinct elements.

Listening as a superpower - 4 Elements 


















* Open your ears, open your eyes, open your heart

* Be present with your full attention

* Silence is a powerful pause. You don’t have to fill in all the silent pauses

* Ask questions to check understanding






On your next conversation, listen with your ears, eyes, heart and undivided attention.


Notice the difference.


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