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Posted by Wendy Wilson | Learning & Development Consultant on 26 July 2018



Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present moment, with curiousity and kindness.


So why do we need it? We're really distracted. We're really stressed out and we're not very good at managing our stress! 




Try this simple mindfulness activity, it will help bring you into the present moment:



Sit comfortably


Take a few moments to contemplate the present moment


Close your eyes and listen closely to the sounds around you


Listen to the totality of all the sounds without identifying or giving them meaning


Hear them as pure sound


Be present to the sensations in your body as you sit


Be present to the temperature in the room


Notice your breath going in and out, follow your breath for a while


Be present to the thoughts playing in your mind


Be present to your mood and feelings in this moment





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