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Prepare well to present well - 3 Tips for job interview success

Posted by Kathi Rogers | Learning & Development Consultant on 4 September 2019.


Congratulations! Scoring an interview confirms it: your credentials are turning heads. As you prepare, you’re probably thinking through answers to interview questions, what to wear, who will be interviewing you? All great prep, so well done for thinking ahead.

Now that the stakes have been raised, and the interviewers already know you're qualified - it's time to work on your confidence and give it a boost before you head off for your interview. This is where ATI-Mirage can help you, we want you to feel confident! You see, the real key to success lies in 3 steps. If you follow the steps, we can help you to decrease your nerves and increase your chances of getting the right job for you. The simplicity of the 3 steps, provides you with a solid foundation and helps to stop any nervous internal ‘chatter’.

  1. Research – we are lucky enough to live in a technology focused world. Meaning you can “google” all the information you need on your potential new employer. Get an understanding of their services, who they are, the organisational background and experience in the industry.  Also do some research on the company values and future projects. Its highly likely these will be running themes in your interview questions.
  2. Review your past successes – most interview questions will be behavioural, and experience based. This means the interview panel will ask you about your past work and behavioural approach. Take time to think about tasks, projects or career wins you’ve had. Ideally, you want to keep it recent, within the last couple of years. If you go back too far with your experience, for example 10 years ago, it’s a great story yet doesn’t allow you to demonstrate who you are now.
  3. Quantify your successes – to give your experience and expertise real depth in an interview, don’t be afraid to provide statistics, cost savings, or describe the impact your work had on the business. For example, you achieved 100% completion 3 days ahead of the project deadline, which in part helped the business save $10,000 in equipment hire. The key to keeping things professional, and not coming across as boastful, is to keep it factual. Demonstrate how much you enjoyed being part of a team who achieved success, as no one works alone these days.

Interviews can be daunting and bring about lots of emotions. Always remember to be yourself. Authenticity is the key in an interview, allow your true self to come through.

So, now you’re ready! Take the time to go through each of these steps and you will find yourself giving the best interview ever!  

"Be ready to tell stories that illustrate your skills.”

 Katherine S. Brooks, A Career Center Director

So, now you’re ready! Take the time to go through each of these steps and you will find yourself giving the best interview ever!  If you enjoyed reading this blog and would like some more tips and tricks, then join us for our next Job Interview Skills workshop





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