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renew and revitaliseRenew and revitalise

Posted by Wendy Wilson | Learning & Development Consultant on 16-Aug-2018



The wintery weather is almost over and Spring is just around the corner! 


Spring is a time for rebirth, renewal and regrowth. Take some time now to plan and prepare for the fresh start that Spring can bring - develop a personal renewal plan.


This Spring why not put the bounce back into your step after the dark and cold of winter and try an personal renewal plan.


The art of personal renewal is a talent that many people fail to develop. Yet taking time to renew and revitalize ensures balance and enhances our ability to be effective at home and in the workplace. Personal renewal is as important as meeting deadlines, achieving at work and helping your family. 


Kim Allen from the HeartMath Institute suggests we try these personal renewal strategies: 

Try on a few of these RE-NEW-ALL strategies and see what fits. 
REvisit the things that energize you. 
REmember what turns you on. 
REkindle your passion. 
REmind yourself often to do those things that REnew your heart and mind. 
Make NEWness and vitality a NEW theme in your life. 
Do NEW things that challenge you. 
Meet NEW people. 
Discover NEW ideas! 
Make sure ALL that is important to you has a place in your life. 


Do a little bit less of everything so you can do a little bit more of ALL that makes you happy, helps you grow and brings fulfilment. 


Put ALL of yourself into whatever you do. 


What RE-NEW-ALL strategies will you commit to this Spring?



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