Business Writing Course in Perth

Introduction to Business Writing

Fundamentals & principles to write more professionally



The ability to express yourself clearly in writing is one of the most important skills in business. Effective business writing can inform, persuade and influence others in positive ways.

Our introductory business writing course is ready to equip you with the vital business writing skills you will require. This Perth-based writing course will help you to write documents that are:

  • easy to understand,
  • well-structured; and
  • which create a positive impact on the reader.

Get the most out of this workshop by bringing samples of letters, memos or e-mails from your workplace to apply your learning.

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  • Setting the context
  • Learning outcomes
  • Personal objectives

Effective business writing

  • What is effective business writing?
  • Current trends in business writing
  • Steps to writing success

The planning stage

  • The planning process
  • Identify your purpose, outcomes and audience
  • Collate document content using a variety of techniques

The writing stage

  • Structure your document for impact and clarity
  • The writing process
  • Short business documents - letters, emails and memos
  • Dealing with writer's block

Editing and proofreading

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Editing using the 4C approach
  • Plain English


Tips for writing other documents

  • Writing reports
  • Writing for the internet
  • Putting it into practice


What's next?

  • Application of learning back at work
  • References and further reading



Learning outcomes

  • Understand how writing trends affect business writing today
  • Write appropriately for your audience
  • Plan the structure of a document to ensure correct information flow
  • Adjust your writing style to suit the requirements of the topic and the reader
  • Plan, organise and structure written communications using appropriate formats and language
  • Present written communications in styles and to the standards required by the workplace
  • Understand conventions and considerations for writing a range of business documents
  • Review and proofread your documents



This program requires no previous experience or training.


Course duration

One day: 8:30am to 3:30pm


  Virtual option available




$550+GST per person


  • Experienced facilitator
  • Interactive, practical and hands on learning
  • Small groups for maximum impact
  • Take home resource workbook
  • Post course Coach Line
  • Post course follow up
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Delicious cafe lunch


Enjoy Real People, Real Conversations, Real Results 


Further development

Certificate IV Business Administration

Microsoft Word Dynamic Documents

Writing Reports & Business Cases



29 April 2021 (One day)
14 May 2021 (One day)
9 June 2021 (One day)
8 July 2021 (One day)
13 August 2021 (One day)
14 September 2021 (One day)
18 October 2021 (One day)
15 November 2021 (One day)
16 December 2021 (One day)