Cyber security Awareness Training: The First Line Of Defence

Hi Mum, my phone crashed and this is my temporary number.

Does this text message look familiar? If so, you might know what comes next.

Strong emotional language. A sob story about a broken phone. Sorry, I can’t talk, can we
text instead?

Then, after a few messages, a request for money.

The ACCC estimates that the “Hi Mum” text message scam swindled over 1,000 Australians out of $2.6 million in 2022 (although the ABC later reported the figure as $7.2 million).

Now, in 2024, reports of “Hi Mum” and “Hi Dad” messages are on the rise again.

This is a high-profile example of phishing, a scam technique used to extract personal information – or in this case direct cash deposits – from unwitting victims.

Phishing is a kind of social engineering scam that typically tricks people into volunteering personal data or login details. They enter the information into a site that looks legitimate, and then things go downhill fast.

How Phishing Affects Australian Businesses: Why Cyber Security Training is
Phishing scams are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. Scammers are
increasingly targeting businesses, too.

They trick employees into downloading malicious software that holds important information to ransom (ransomware) or gain access to email accounts storing sensitive information (Business Email Compromise, BEC).

The spike in these incidents serves as a stark reminder of the need for comprehensive and up-to-date cyber security awareness training.

Cyber security training for employees not only secures your business from the latest scams.

It also reinforces a culture of security throughout the organisation.

Cybercrime in Australia By the Numbers
The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), the Federal Government agency that runs the
Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), issues an annual report on the state of cybercrime across the nation. Here are some of the statistics from 2022-23:

  • Cybercrime reports rose 23% with nearly 94,000 incidents
  • The average cost of cybercrime to businesses rose 14%
  • Small businesses lose $46,000 on average per attack
  • Medium businesses lose $97,200 on average per attack
  • Large businesses lose $71,600 on average per attack
  • 17% of all Category 3 (medium-severity) cybercrime was phishing
  • 19% of Category 3 attacks were data breaches
  • There were no Category 1 attacks (the highest severity) and only 5 Category 2

Why is Cyber Security Awareness Training Important?

Clearly, these numbers illustrate a need to bolster your business’s defences with cyber
security training for employees.

Without proper training, they might not recognise disguised attackers, report suspicious
activity or keep their personal data secure.
Cyber security awareness training equips your employees with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify common cyber threats, including phishing emails, malware, social
    engineering attacks and potential BEC attempts.
  • Implement best practices from strong password hygiene to secure browsing habits.
  • Reduce the risk of breaches by empowering staff to act as the first line of defence.
  • Report suspicious activity to ensure a quick and effective response.

Cyber security training is an investment. And considering the average cost of each
successful attack, it’s an investment that pays off several times over.

The Essential Components of Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training

A successful cyber security awareness training program should, first and foremost, be

As such, our experienced trainers tailor the course to the people in the room.
Other must-haves for cyber security awareness training include:

  • A comprehensive curriculum covering a broad range of topics from phishing to
  • Interactive and engaging methods, including simulations, quizzes and real-world
    scenarios, to keep participants engaged and ensure the material is digestible.
  •  Regular updates to ensure the training material stays current with the evolving
    threat landscape.
  • Resources and access to experts after the training to refresh your team’s
    memories or clarify any lingering questions.

Our one-day cyber security awareness training covers all these points, ensuring your team gets the latest knowledge backed by a practical understanding of cyber security in the workplace.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Cyber security may not be everyone’s favourite subject.

Especially for people who are already timid around technology, the idea of learning about all the bad actors out there can generate some reluctance.

In our experience, the first step to overcoming these challenges is reminding people why
cyber security awareness training is important for them personally.

While it might benefit your business, it also prevents your team from falling victim to the next scam.

From there, the onus is on our trainers to make the training engaging and relevant. Thankfully, that is not something you need to worry about.

Our course balances personal and professional cyber security awareness for employees so they feel empowered at work and protected at home.

Does Your Business Need Cyber Security Awareness Training?
You might think that you are safe from scammers because your business has avoided a cyber security incident so far.

Or maybe you think your operation is too small to attract their attention.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Small businesses bore an outsized portion of cyberattacks last year, according to ACSC data.

  • One likely reason is their defences were weaker than those of large organisations.
    However, this doesn’t mean that you need to pull the plug on your employees’ online activity.
    Cyber security requirements vary from one business to the next.
  • Assess organisational needs: Understand the specific cyber threats your organisation
  • Choose the right training provider: Partner with a cyber security awareness training
    provider who meets your needs.

Measure effectiveness: Use metrics such as reported incident rates and employee
feedback to gauge the training’s success.

It is also wise to build up your defences in parallel.

Cyber security awareness training is your first line of defence, but it is not 100% bulletproof. Hackers can exploit system and firewall vulnerabilities to work around cybercrime-aware employees.

Protect Your Business With Cyber Security Awareness Training from ATI-Mirage
At ATI-Mirage, we provide top-tier cyber security awareness training for employees at all

Our Cyber Security Awareness – The Essentials course is ideal for anyone looking to
enhance their cyber security skills, from non-IT professionals to business end users.

Key Areas Covered:

  • Cyber security overview
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) protection
  • Social Engineering prevention
  • Password security best practices
  • Device and internet security
  • Business Cyber Security

After completing the one-day course, your team will have a rock-solid understanding of how to protect both personal and organisational data from cyber threats.
Visit our site to learn more about cyber security awareness training today.


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