Keeping the positives from social isolation

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As restrictions in WA start to slowly ease and we look to the future there may be a few questions to consider. What will the new normal look like? How will things be different? What can I continue doing? What do I need to let go of?

The speed at which everyone’s lives changed when the outbreak occurred thrust many of us into a massive adjustment period. Initially, it was all about finding ways to work remotely and setting up home offices.  Next came the luxury of “time”. With the travel bans in place, we found ourselves gaining back time. Life slowed down. This opened up opportunities for us to enjoy hobbies, get to know our own neighbourhoods and enjoy new communication methods with friends and family.

So, when life adjusts in the future, how do we hold on to the positive practices social isolation has provided?

Write a list of everything you enjoyed

The global pandemic gave us all the opportunity to do things differently. We may have been pushed us into extremely tough situations. Yet when faced with adversity we may have found comfort in humanity and the coming together of communities. Let the good be your focus. Make a note of all the tasks or actions you took that gave you enjoyment. This is what’s important to continue with as we move into the new norm.

Shift your focus

From your list highlight what is truly important to you. That could be quality family time, making a routine to connect with friends over a drink or spend more time relaxing and enjoying hobbies. Decide what you’d like to keep doing in the months ahead and not left drift away as life moves on.

Make your new priorities a priority!

The same amount of time is given to each and every one of us daily. Its how we use the time that counts. Rather than trying to make these new priorities fit into your old routine, re-work your habits. Let go of tasks or behaviours which provided little value, now looking back in hindsight. Fill your time with things that matter, even if you can only afford 20 mins a day. These small changes can make a huge difference for our future well-being.

The COVID-19 outbreak is an event none of us has ever experienced. If there is some good to come from it all, let’s hold on to that for a more positive future.

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