Simplify your day with these 4 Office 365 apps!

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As well as the tools like Excel and Word that you already know and use, Office 365 has a wealth of great apps to help you and your team every day. Simplify your day and processes with these tools and get the work done easily. No matter what device you’re on, you can be productive from anywhere. and you can collaborate with your team in an intuitive and effective way.


Here are 4 applications that will make your professional and personal life easier


1. Microsoft Planner

Teamwork has never been this easy! With this very intuitive application, create a plan, and quickly start assigning tasks to organise your team.  Tasks can be broken down into sub-tasks by using checklists.  The in-built dashboard shows the progress of your plan in a graphical view.


Tip: Use labels to organise your tasks by amount of effort, “quick tasks”, ‘medium effort”, “high effort”. You can easily pick a task from the “quick task” list if you have a spare 15min!


2. Microsoft To Do

Use this clear interface to set up tasks with a due date, reminder, notes and sharing files with colleagues, family or friends. Accomplish what’s meaningful for you by setting daily goals with My Day. This intelligent feature will give you personalized suggestions to update your to-do list.


Tip: To avoid stress, break tasks down into simple steps, with due dates and reminders to keep you on track! Connect Microsoft To Do with Outlook and Cortana and stay organised at work, home and on the go.


3. Microsoft Forms

MS Forms will be a huge help when you need to create surveys, polls, or quizzes. Create Surveys to collect feedback, measure employee or customer satisfaction and organize team events. Build quizzes to evaluate your inducted employees or student knowledge, determine their progress and focus on topics that need improvement. Forms also allow you to assign points with automatic grading. Use the polls to find out where the team should meet or what team building activity to organise.


Tip: You have just sent out your survey and start getting responses, but how do you analyse them? Simply click on “Responses tab” and get visual representations of all the answers, making it very easy to understand! Best of all, you can export your data to Excel for an in-depth analysis!


4. Microsoft Power Automate

Boost your productivity with Power Automate by automating business processes for the entire company.  Power Automate allows for the linking of various applications to facilitate the flow of information.  For example, you can set up Power Automate to create a routine for document approval, or add an entry to a SharePoint list when a Tweet with a specific hashtag is posted.


Tip:  Use the Power Automate templates to quickly get started, there are templates which link a large number of applications, you will probably find the one you want with a quick search.


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