Creating a Thriving Hybrid Workplace

Workplaces have been transformed in the last few years and while we are seeking to ‘return to normal’, the way we work in the new normal is very different from the times gone by. The latest research by McCrindle confirms hybrid working is here to stay with 62% of todays workers saying it is the ideal way of working.

Top 5 tips for leading in a hybrid workplace

1. Invest in team building activities
Team connections and communications are key to a thriving workplace and can be harder to foster when people are working in different locations consistently. Providing team building opportunities both in person and online will help to develop connections and keep team members engaged.

2. Be clear about expectations for you and your organisation
Surveys have shown that ‘Hybrid Working’ can mean different things to different workers in particular different generations of workers. Most people view it as working some of the time in the office and some of the time at home or offsite (59%) vs the ability to choose to work remotely or in person (41%) vs flexible working hours throughout the day (33%). This highlights the need for your organisation to be clear about the hybrid expectations for the individuals and the organisation as a whole.

3. Set up your people for success both physically and mentally
Be clear on outcomes and timeframes when leading a hybrid work team. Check in regularly to provide support however ensure that this is not to micromanage. Provide clear job roles with realistic expectations and frequently recognise success.

4. Pick the tools that work best for communication and collaboration
Know the technology available to you and your team and how to use it for success. Have a mix of informal and formal channels of communication. The informal channels seek to replace the ‘water cooler’ conversations that may be lost when working in hybrid arrangements.

5. Invest in Professional Development
A focus on training, development and coaching will lead to greater employee retention and satisfaction at work.  The survey by McCridle outlines that employees are 2.9 times more likely to be highly engaged when organisations adequately fund their employees professional development.

Great leadership is the key to navigating the new hybrid transformation.  A planned approach to your professional development and IT training will assist you and your teams to thrive in a hybrid workplace, it is never a case of train once and forget. For more assistance call +61 (08) 9218 9059 or email  We have been training Perth and WA organisations for over 30 years and we are here to help you.

Blog written by Jo Riley | ATI-Mirage’s Lead Consultant PD & Wellness.


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