Learn To Touch Type - 1/2 Day

Course Objectives

Participants will gain keyboard familiarity and be introduced to touch typing techniques that will improve productivity and accuracy by applying the skills to enter data, edit and identify keyboard errors.

Course Content

Working With A PC

  • Understanding the importance of ergonomics
  • Understand the features and benefits of touch-typing

Keyboard Skills

  • Identify keyboard areas
  • Identify the placement and function of all keys on a standard alphanumeric keyboard
  • Work with alphanumeric keys, TAB, SPACEBAR, RETURN, ENTER, SHIFT and cursor control keys
  • Understand and apply the generalised function of each keyboarding techniques and finder position on the keyboard


Participants’ achievement of the learning outcome is assessed by the trainer through exercises based on the course content and completed by the participant throughout the course.

Course Pre-requisites

There are no pre-requisites for this course.


Half day: 1pm to 4pm


$280 GST free per person


  • Experienced facilitator
  • Interactive, practical and hands on learning
  • Comprehensive take-home training and reference manual
  • Post-course Help Desk support
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Refreshments
  • Post course follow up


Enjoy Real People, Real Conversations, Real Results 




10 June 2020 (Half day)
18 August 2020 (Half day)
5 October 2020 (Half day)
21 December 2020 (Half day)