Put your knowledge to the test with our
Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

For ‘passive’ evaluation and pre-assessment of knowledge levels, ATI-Mirage utilises a Training Needs Analysis System. This is used to test the knowledge and skills for an individual to help them to determine the appropriate level of course to meet their training needs on a specific software application. It involves the user in a simple question and answer session, which gauges the current skill level against the course content of a specified application.

This can be very useful for users who are not sure which level of course is right for them. This can be a particular challenge for users who are self taught and have not previously attended formal training courses.



Select the level(s) that you believe may be appropriate for you then simply click on the links to download.

MS Access

MS ExcelIntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
MS ProjectIntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
MS WordIntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
MS PowerPoint  Advanced
MS Outlook  Advanced

Please note: These files are stored in ZIP files.  You may have security setting in place that restrict downloads of this type to your desktop PC. If you have any difficulty accessing the files, please contact us and we will be happy to email the files to you.

If you are interested in:

  • Undertaking a wider review of the IT skill level within your organisation or
  • Discussing our IT Consultancy Services    

Contact our IT Solutions Manager on 08 9218 9059 or send an email.




Roving Training

Need IT Training? Don't have time to go on a course? We are happy to come to you!

One of our expert instructors roams your workplace calling in any users that require coaching in any desktop applications. 

Roving training is perfect if numerous employees need some tips and tricks on various programs. Training is tailored to your individual needs and we are able to train using your own documents.   


Customised Solutions

We understand one size does not always fit all. Our team of qualified trainers can create a customised solution tailored to your specific needs.

We are happy to offer closed group sessions or additional dates as you require.

To discuss customisation training, simply call 08 9218 9059 or email admin@ati-mirage.com.au


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