The Kindness Habit

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World Kindness Day November 13 – Kindness is not something reserved just for friends and family, we can extend it to our colleagues and work family.

Making a difference to your day and someone’s day through kindness is one small act that can have a positive impact. Our human connection of being valued, listened to, considered, seen, and heard, has its roots in kindness and compassion.

In cultivating kindness habits, BJ Fogg, author of Tiny Habits says ‘we change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad.’ It is no accident that by design, we are biologically wired to look out for one another. The physical effects of kindness include a release of feel-good hormones, reducing anxiety and stress levels with a positive and uplifting effect.

Yet often as days get busy, our minds are pre-occupied, and acts of kindness can seem like another thing to write on a long to do list. If we realise kindness is something that can be simple, easy to do and enjoyable, if done daily it becomes an essential part of our who we are and our daily experience.

In cultivating a kindness habit, BJ Fogg reminds us that ‘tiny can be transformative’.  When it comes to long term change, simplicity is an essential factor. Tiny, simple acts of kindness are just as memorable and effective. Starting with yourself, think of a simple kindness habit for your own health and wellbeing.

As kindness can be experienced and demonstrated as part of the emotional culture of a team, start with simple, tiny acts of kindness for the following;

Kindness for yourself
What is one thing you can do to be kinder to yourself today?

Kindness and your team experience
What are ways to bring more kindness into the team?

Kindness and your customer experience
What can you do to make your customer’s day?

Let us know at your kindness habits.

Need further help?
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Below are some further resources:

The power of kindness – Simon Sinek

Tiny surprises for happiness and health – BJ Fogg


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