Supervisor Training in Perth

Supervisor Toolkit

Training for newly promoted supervisors and team leaders.


Whether you are a potential supervisor or new to supervising staff, this course in Perth will help you to gain the skills and knowledge required to manage your team effectively. Our supervisor training workshop will cover some of the basic principles of supervising, combined with practical information to build expertise to guide your team with confidence. 

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  • What makes an effective supervisor?
  • Supervisor as a role model

Supervisor fundamentals

  • Transitioning to the role of supervisor
  • Understand the organisation’s goals, mission and vison and how it relates to your role
  • Understanding team and individual performance indicators
  • Legal compliance and responsibilities
  • Extending your network

Communication and setting expectations

  • Identifying communication preferences
  • Communicating key messages
  • Setting the standard – what’s ok, what’s not ok?
  • Managing former peers
  • Managing up

Motivation; enhance performance

  • Principles of motivation
  • Creating a motivational work environment
  • Identifying options to motivate individuals within your team

Getting the job done

  • Developing individuals through delegation - right task, right person, right reasons
  • Tracking success and managing performance
  • Thinking on your feet and problem solving
  • Constructive feedback conversations


Putting it into practice

  • Action planning

Learning outcomes

  • Define effective supervision
  • Know and demonstrate your responsibilities as a supervisor
  • Align team goals with organisational goals
  • Build rapport through effective communication
  • Manage former peers with confidence
  • Use motivation to enhance team performance
  • Delegate the right task to the right person for individual development
  • Use problem-solving tools to make confident decisions
  • Conduct constructive feedback sessions in the workplace
  • Monitor performance to develop individuals and achieve goals.


This course is recommended for potential or new supervisors.

Course duration

1 day

Virtual option available



$550+GST per person


  • Experienced facilitator
  • Interactive, practical and hands-on learning
  • Small groups for maximum impact
  • Take home resource workbook
  • Post course Coach Line
  • Post course follow up
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Delicious cafe lunch

Enjoy Real People, Real Conversations, Real Results 

Further development

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

Managing People and Performance

Writing Reports & Business Cases


19 June 2020 (One day)
20 July 2020 (One day)
24 August 2020 (One day)
21 September 2020 (One day)
23 October 2020 (One day)
13 November 2020 (One day)
17 December 2020 (One day)