Training and development – the competitive edge for you in the new financial year

Are you focused on upskilling and training your teams? 
New research suggests, you should be.

In 2022 and beyond those companies who train and upskill staff will tend to keep them.  The recent HubSpot survey highlighted those employers wanting to attract and retain staff need to invest in more upskilling. 70% of Australian workers say they would prioritise training opportunities over salary when looking for a new role.

In terms of training trends, Jo Riley and Billy Howarth, PD and IT Lead Consultants at ATI-Mirage say they are seeing demand for Leadership Development and Mental Health and as you would expect significant demand in Technology Training.

Additionally in today’s workplace you can often find four generations—Gen-Z, Millennials, Gen-X and Baby Boomers—working and learning side by side. This dynamic creates a blend of communication and working styles, thanks partly to the digital forces that helped shape each generation.

The intergenerational workforce presents incredible opportunities and challenges for organisations and training solutions can bridge gaps that might exist.  A small investment in short-day training courses can make employees more productive and comfortable within their workplace.

TalentLMS and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) partnered to take the pulse of Learning & Development in 2022 and discovered:

  1. 76% of employees agree that they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training
  2. More than 1 in 2 companies are facing a skills gap, and half of them are addressing it by training existing employees
  3. Over half of HR leaders will provide their employees with upskilling (59%) and reskilling (55%) training in 2022.

So, take some time to understand your team, analyse the skill gaps and ask your team what training solutions they would like to see. Grab the competitive edge by offering quality training and retraining opportunities for employees.

If you need additional insight and support, the team at ATI-Mirage has over 100 training programs and the ability to develop individual training programs especially for you.

Let us know how we can help by calling +61 (08) 9218 9059 or emailing
We have been training Perth and WA organisations for over 30 years and we are here to help you.

Blog written by Jo Riley | ATI-Mirage’s Lead Consultant PD & Wellness.


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