Is it time to rethink your work life balance?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a universal check in point for almost everyone on the planet. It has forced a change in lifestyle, working arrangements and has left us wanting more – more connection, more meaning, more inspiration, more fulfilment at work and in life.

The work from home and hybrid work arrangements thrust upon us in the last two years have made the line between work and life even more blurry than it might have previously been. We have seen increased levels of burn out during the pandemic and many searching for a better way.

This has provided a great opportunity to reassess the concept of work life balance and instead consider aiming for harmony rather than balance in life. ‘Balance’ means a state of equilibrium, while ‘harmony’ means agreement or a pleasing arrangement of parts. So rather than trying to balance two inherently unequal parts, start to pursue the integration of the different parts of your life to strive for harmony.

Here are few techniques that can help:

  1. Make work and life meaningful to you. Think about your values, what you enjoy, what matters to you and integrate that into both your work and in life. This will be a unique recipe for everyone depending on your season in life.
  2. Understand where your time is spent and make changes if you are spending lots of time on things that don’t matter. Use planning and calendar tools to manage your time. Outsource the tasks you don’t want to do so you can spend time on other areas.
  3. Connect with people important to you at work and in life. Good relationships are fundamental to our wellbeing. This improves our communication and our empathy with those around us.
  4. Look after your health and wellbeing. Sprinkle each day with the things that make you happy. Don’t save all the fun stuff for your next holiday or long weekend. Build it in every day so you feel fulfilled.
  5. Create boundaries and be aware of when they could be breached and how you will deal with it. Have open communication with those around you and be realistic in what you can commit to.

The trade offs between work and life will never be easy or black and white, so take the time to consider the work life harmony you wish to achieve. Find the alignment that works for you so you can finish your life with the statement ‘mission accomplished’.

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Blog written by Jo Riley | ATI-Mirage’s Lead Consultant PD & Wellness 


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