3 strategies to get out of a rut

Sometimes we may feel like we are stuck in Groundhog Day. Every day feels the same, as if we are on a hamster wheel going around and around. Tasks we usually enjoy start to feel less interesting, and it seems we not getting anywhere fast. It is normal to feel this way sometimes and is just a part of life. When feelings become overwhelming though and start to affect your wellbeing, it’s time to take action!


Once you have recognised you’re in a rut, it’s time to reflect and wonder what might be triggering it. Coming out of a period of isolation may be the cause for many of us. Has this been going on longer than a few months? What seems to get you down the most? Is it your work routine, or lack of work? When was the last time you spent time with a particular friend?


Here are 3 strategies you can take today to make a difference and break out of your rut.

Change the frame to change the game.

What this means is, if we want change, we have to be the catalyst for it. We need to do things differently in order to get a new perspective. Friendships need some work? Pick up the phone to arrange a catch up, rather than waiting for them. Lost your creativity due to work pressures? Make time for something creative like cooking a new dish for dinner, or getting out in nature to take some photographs. Even something simple like trying a new journey to work, or ordering a different coffee. Do something that’s different to just “the usual”.


Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Change can feel awkward at first and you may need time to adapt. It’s easy to give up on the first go. Maybe you decided to change your journey to work, taking the train rather than driving it. On the first attempt it ended up costing you time and you arrived to the office late. It would be easy to say “Nope ,not worth the change!”. But what if you also changed your wake-up habits to get up bit earlier? You gain time back on the train from not driving, so how could you use that time more effectively? Get comfortable with trying new things which take you out of your comfort zone.


Digitally detox.

For many of us social media plays a big part of the day. Have you ever considered how much time you spend on your phone or looking at other people’s pictures? I think most of us would be quite surprised if we stopped to check how many hours per day is wasted, mindlessly scrolling. Subconsciously it can put us in a state of comparisons, leaving us wondering how good/bad our life is compared to what other people show online. This can lead to negative thoughts and compound our feeling of being in a rut. Make a conscious effect for 2 or 3 days to take a digital break. Use your phone for its intended purpose – to make and receive calls/messages. Put a total ban on anything else and see how you feel. You may be surprised how much more enjoyable the days become.

The clues to getting out of our rut start with realising what’s created it in the first place. Spend time reflecting before taking action. You may just find yourself feeling more energized quicker than you thought!

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Recharge your energy

The focus in the media has mainly been on those who lost their job or business due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But what about those who worked through it all? For some, the pressure and stress has been huge. Trying to keep up with demand or designing innovative ways to support valuable customers.

Now restrictions are being lifted and there seems to be even more pressure as we look to the future. The demands, the deadlines and expectations of work leave many of us feeling exhausted. As we enter a transition phase the question is asked: “How do we effectively re-energise ourselves so we are  able to keep going?”

In order to recharge we need to recognise the costs of energy-depleting behaviours and then take responsibility for changing them.  If during Covid-19 you found yourself working long hours every day of the week, these behaviours need to change. Establishing simple rituals can lead to many beneficial results.

Here are our top 5 actions for effectively re-energising to stay motivated and increase performance:

Find activities to fuel you

For extroverts, it could be having a meal with friends or family, having quick catch up phone calls throughout the day or working in open workspace for example. For introverts, activities could involve reading, painting, journaling, spending time in nature, or working in a quiet and private environment for example.

Make sleep your number 1 priority

Sleep is undoubtedly the most powerful restorative tool we have. In reality, even small amounts of sleep deprivation undermine our body’s capacity to repair. The reality is that we are not designed to run like a computer; continuously at high speed for long periods of time. Set an alarm to remind yourself to go to bed each evening at a time that allows enough sleep. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Do random acts of kindness

Leaving a kind review or a comment, buy a coffee for a stranger or writing a thank you letter are some ways you can do it. The positive impact on others will recharge you and give you that positive feeling that lasts longer than the action.

Experience novelty

Work in a different environment, take a different route, hop on a random bus, go to a new place, meet new people or learn or try something new. And even when you’re doing routine things, try to notice new things. Set yourself a challenge – like noticing ten new things on a path you’ve walked hundreds of times.

Manage energy rather than time

Energy is a fundamental of high performance and yet we misuse it. Eating highly processed, refined foods and high sugar tends to be a go-to choice when stress or feeling pressured.  Instead, choose nourishing foods to make natural energy to fuel your body. Nourishing foods, exercise and staying hydrated helps to boost your energy in a natural way.

Enjoyed these tips? We have so much more available in our PD training workshops. We can help with tangible tools and support. Check out what’s on offer:



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