Five Positive Habits for 2022

At any given moment, we have the choice to start fresh. Yet there is something about an ending, such as the end of a year, that provides a springboard of opportunity for the new.

Given we have all lived through some extraordinary times, and the indication is this will continue, what do you want to create for 2022? Here are some questions to get you help reflect, gain clarity and focus:

  • Where are you over investing?
  • Where are you under investing?
  • Your success next year relies on you feeling….
  • What projects have you been putting off that you finally want to pursue?
  • What do you need to let go of?

Here are our five positive habits for 2022:

1. Starting your day

Having a morning routine creates structure for your day. Whether it is the famous ‘Make Your Bed’ habit from US Navy Admiral William H McRaven, establishing a mindfulness practice, breathing, exercise or breakfast, starting your day on a positive note can boost your motivation, wellbeing, optimism and productivity. Planning your day is a great way to start the day.

2. Prioritise

There are a couple of helpful approaches to prioritizing your tasks and activities for the day.   In his book ‘Eat that Frog’, Brian Tracey says to tackle the biggest thing you don’t like in the morning, then it is over and done with and you can carry on with the rest of the day. Alternatively, you may want to ask yourself “What is the highest value task I need to do, to accomplish my goals?” “Where is the best investment of my time?”

3. Self-Care

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care is vital to your health, wellbeing and vitality. It has been said ‘You can’t poor from an empty cup’.  If you are feeling tired, burnt out and overwhelmed it can be difficult to deal with problems and people. So, remember to breathe, eat, move, sleep, have fun, be compassionate, and pay attention to hygiene.

4. Let go of any joy robbing thoughts and habits

We all have them from time to time and sometimes we need professional help to assist in understanding them and releasing them. These can include perfectionism, being right, thinking things have to be a certain way and more. People can often engage in drama and distractions. Let it go. Mindfulness can assist in this process.

5. Perspective

Discover new perspectives that open up opportunities. We often say on our PD (Professional Development) courses at ATI-Mirage that perception is one of your biggest tools in your toolkit. Shifting how you see things can help you see things differently. There is always more than one perspective and often a colleague or a friend who share theirs can assist in opening up empathy and/or a different path forward.

To assist you with these five positive habits, ATI-Mirage has the following courses: