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BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

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Frontline managers play a significant leadership role within their organisation. In increasingly competitive and fast-changing times, frontline managers have a major responsibility to ensure that their teams deliver quality service and results. Without proper leadership and management, this is difficult to achieve.

As such, the purpose of this engaging nine-day course in Perth is to develop, through theory and practical workplace application, recognised competencies for your company’s frontline and other managers. Our expert trainers in Perth can show you the way in demonstrating excellent leadership and management.

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Course Content
(12 Units: 4 Core + 8 Electives)

Core Units

BSBLDR401 Communicate effectively as a workplace leader

  • Identify the context for communication
  • Develop solutions to overcome barriers to communication
  • Use a variety of channels to communicate your message or ideas
  • Improve leadership communication processes

BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships

  • Collect, analyse and communicate information and ideas
  • Develop trust and confidence
  • Develop and maintain networks and relationships
  • Manage difficulties into positive outcomes

BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

  • Plan to achieve team outcomes
  • Lead a cohesive team 
  • Facilitate work teams
  • Liaise with management

BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan

  • Implement operational plan
  • Implement resource acquisition
  • Monitor operational performance


Group A

BSBWHS401 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements

  • Provide information to the work team about WHS policies and procedures
  • Implement and monitor participation arrangements for managing WHS
  • Implement and monitor organisational procedures for providing WHS training
  • Implement and monitor organisational procedures and legal requirements for identifying hazards and assessing and controlling risks
  • Implement and monitor organisational procedures for maintaining WHS records for the team

BSBRSK401 Identify risk and apply risk management processes

  • Identify risks
  • Analyse and evaluate risks
  • Treat risks
  • Monitor and review effectiveness of risk treatment/s

BSBWOR404 Develop work priorities

  • Plan and complete own work schedule
  • Monitor own work performance
  • Coordinate professional development

BSBMGT403 Implement continuous improvement

  • Implement continuous improvement processes
  • Monitor and review performance
  • Provide opportunities for further improvement

Group B

BSBCMM401 Make a presentation

  • Prepare a presentation
  • Deliver a presentation
  • Review the presentation

BSBPMG522 Undertake project work

  • Define project
  • Develop project plan
  • Administer and monitor project
  • Finalise project
  • Review project

BSBWRT401 Write complex documents

  • Plan documents
  • Draft text
  • Prepare final text
  • Produce document

BSBCUS403 Implement customer service standards

  • Contribute to quality customer service standards
  • Implement customer service systems
  • Implement team customer service standards


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of consultation as a frontline manager/supervisor
  • Communicate effectively through a range of channels, including team meetings, presentations and documents
  • Lead and build constructive relationships within a team
  • Ensure performance and behaviour meets the organisation's requirements
  • Develop project plans in line with the project parameters
  • Understand how to apply risk management techniques
  • Develop operational plans in line with organisational requirements.



$3800 GST free per person
($1500 Deposit and balance on commencement)

Learning and assessment - 9 days face-to-face delivery session covered in 2 modules.


  • Experienced facilitator
  • Highly interactive and practical modular training program
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Assessment
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments
  • Post program follow up


  • Individual research and study
  • Workplace learning
  • Workshop activities
  • Project assignments
  • Individual assessment activities 


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Enjoy Real People, Real Conversations, Real Results 


Further development

Diploma of Leadership and Management






11 March 2019 (5.0 Days)
24 June 2019 (5.0 Days)
2 September 2019 (5.0 Days)