Emotional Agility - Your Key to Success (Coaching Package)


ATI-Mirage is proud to offer a tailored leadership coaching program for people committed to improving their leadership and interpersonal skills in the workplace.

This Perth-based leadership coaching program uses a comprehensive, scientifically validated Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® to measure and provide an accurate picture of your current levels of emotional intelligence across 26 competencies. A detailed report will be provided to outline areas of both strength and development, with tools and practices for you to implement accordingly.

To book or learn more about our leadership coaching program in Perth, please contact our friendly team on 08 9218 9059 or email hello@ati-mirage.com.au


  • Be a more effective and efficient leader, manager and team player
  • Manage your emotional responses more effectively
  • Increase your happiness and sense of personal fulfillment
  • Be your best authentic self as a leader
  • Lead from within and challenge your limits
  • Reduce stress and increase resilience
  • Build positive and satisfying personal relationships (friends, family, colleagues, co-workers)


Qualified coaches will work with you to review/debrief your assessment and support you to build a tailored plan which focuses on key areas to develop your EI competencies, by fully leveraging your strengths.  One on one coaching will guide and support you towards identifying and achieving your desired goals or outcomes.

Our leadership coaching programs available:

  • Level 1: SEIP® Profile and debrief
  • Level 2: SEIP® Profile, debrief and one on one coaching (3 sessions)
  • Level 3: SEIP® Profile, debrief and one-day workshop
  • Level 4: SEIP® Profile, debrief, workshop and one on one coaching (3 sessions)
  • as well as the option of additional coaching sessions.


Virtual option available



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