Course Data Files

If you would like some help downloading and installing the files please contact us by phone on (08) 9218 9059 or send an email to If files sizes are too large to download please email or phone ATI-Mirage and we will arrange an alternative to this download.

Software TitleLevel
Adobe Acrobat XIEssentialsForm Design & Integration
Adobe Acrobat DCEssentialsForm Design & Integration
Adobe Illustrator CS6Standard 
Adobe InDesign CS6Introduction 
Adobe InDesign CCIntroduction 
Adobe PhotoShop CS6, CCPlease contact us for these data files
Access 2010IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Access 2013IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Access 2016IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Excel 2010IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Excel VBA201020132016
Excel Formulas & Functions
Analysing Data with Microsoft Excel     201020132016
Excel 2013IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Excel 2016IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
MS Office Upgrade 2010Complete  
MS Office Upgrade 2013Complete 
Working with Microsoft Office 2010Complete
Working with Microsoft Office 2013Complete

Collaborating with Office 365

OneNote 2010Please contact us for these data files
Outlook 2010Complete
Outlook 2013Complete
Outlook 2016Complete
PowerPoint 2010IntroductionAdvanced 
PowerPoint 2013IntroductionAdvanced
PowerPoint 2016IntroductionAdvanced
Creating PowerPoints with Impact 201020132016
Project 2010IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Project 2010 (schedulers)FundamentalsSpecialist 
Project 2013IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Project 2013 (schedulers) FundamentalsSpecialist
Project 2016Introduction
Intermediate     Advanced
Visio 2010IntroductionAdvanced
Visio 2013Introduction 
Visio 2016IntroductionAdvanced
Word 2010IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Word 2013IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced 
Word 2016IntroductionIntermediateAdvanced
Word 2016Creating Forms with Microsoft Word  
Word Long Documents 
Word Dynamic Documents 


Some of these downloads are saved in a self-extracting zip file which has a .exe file extension.  This is not supported by MACs.  To access these files the simplest way is to follow these instructions:
1. Download the files to a PC and save to a location that you can easily find.
2. Extract the files by double clicking on the downloaded file (this will allow you to create a folder in your specified location with the student files enclosed.
3. Copy the files to a USB stick and transfer them to your MAC.
If you have any problems downloading course data files, please call us on (08) 9218 9059.


Course Information


  • Interactive, practical and hands-on learning
  • Facilitator-led training
  • Comprehensive take-home training and reference manual
  • Post course Help Desk support
  • Certificate of Attendance for participants
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Delicious cafe lunch
  • Post course follow up

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